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If some body sneezes at the start of any new work if gives malefic effect.

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There may be theft, diseases or false allegations. If mars is with Rahu here, then it gives good results. Remedies 1 Take your meals in the kitchen itself. Misri in hindi under the pillow for good nights sleep. Rahu For Rahu related problems and during the dasa or antardasa of Rahu: 1. Worship Bhairava or lord Shiva. Recite the Kalabhairav asthakam. Japa of the rahu beeja mantra: Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah, times in 40 days.

Recite the Rahu stotra: Ardha Kaayam maha veryam chandraditya vimardhanam Simhika garbha sambhutam tam rahum pranamamyaham. Donate: Udad dal or coconut on Saturday. Fasting on Saturdays.

Pooja: Bhairav or Shiva or Chandi pooja. Wear An 8 mukhi Rudraksha. One of the best remedies for rahu is reciting the first chapter of Durga Saptasati. Herbs - general, not specific camphor, bayberry, sage, eucalyptus.

Aromatic oils and fragrances - calamus, sandalwood, lotus, frankincense. It is a shadow planet and has no physical mass. It is associated with Smoky colour. Wear lead ring. Keep elephant idol at home. Do the upaya of that planet in whose house RAHU is placed in the horoscope. Give wheat, green leaves to an elephant. Wear or keep at home RAHU yantra. Offer Bel patra and flower of Dhatura to Shivji. Eat food in iron vessel. They are : blue and brown cloth, wheat, mirror, til sesame seeds , oil, iron, blanket, Udad dal, coconut etc. Give chapatti to a black dog on Saturday.

Burn guggul daily at home. Give jaun barley dough balls to fishes or jaun to poor people on Saturday. Keep wheat under a heavy article in a big place. Wash wheat with milk and throw it in a river. Avoid - Tobacco, wine.

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Living in a joint family. The story of Rahu is quite interesting. Once Mohini a Lord Vishnu avatar as female who was distributing the holy nectar of immortality noticed the mistake Sharbhanu was assaulted with the ladle resulting which his head separating from the rest of the body. As he had already consumed amrut he did not die. Swarbhanu pleaded to Vishnu for moksha and accordingly a serpants body was fitted to his face which we call Rahu and the serpants head with his body became Ketu. Rahu is normally depicted as a dragon head with no body riding a chariot drawn by eight black horses.

Though not a Planet Rahu is counted as one of the navagrahas. Rahu is considered as a malefic and its effects are equated with that of Shani by Vedic Astrologers. The metal representing Rahu is lead. Its element is air and direction is south-west. Rahu is the ruler of number 4 in Indian numerology. Rahu is also the lord of three nakshatras : Ardra, Swati and Shatabhisha. The dasha of Rahu normally last for 18 years out of which the 6th and 8th years are the most troublesome ones.

When the Rahu is afflicted one faces several miseries and obstacles in the way of success and remedies should be done to reduce the ill effects. Some such remedies are. Worshiping Bhairava or lord Shiva. Mantras of Rahu "Aum rahave namah" "Aum rang rahave namah aum" "Om dhum ram rahave namah" "Om bhraam bhreem bhraum sah rahave namah" "Om raam rahve namah". These mantras are normally chanted on japa beads and may be recited for 18, times within 40 days during night and puja should be performed with blue flowers and sandal wood.

One can begin the recitation of the mantra on a Saturday during the bright half of the Moon. Presence of Kali and Durga yantra at the place of recitation may help one in achieving the desired results faster. Meaning Rahu Deva, I pray to you. Please forgive my sins and give me your blessings. If Rahu is affecting your life adversely then the above mantra can be chanted 2 times a day to reduce its effects one in the morning before breakfast and one in the evening before dinner. Wear black clothes. Use black blanket. Keep black hanky in pocket.

Use black strap for wrist-watch. Use surma in eyes. It is friends with Saturn, Mercury and Venus. It is neutral towards Mars, Jupiter. It is the enemy of Sun and Moon. It is important to note that Rahu is more inimical to Sun as compared to Moon. For Rahu related problems and during the dasa or antardasa of Rahu: 1.

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Worship lord Bhairava or lord Shiva. Recite the Rahu stotra. Chant Rahu beeja mantra: Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah, times in 40 days. Donate: Udad dal or coconut on Saturdays. One of the most effective remedies for Rahu is recitation of the first chapter of Durga Saptasati. One may be strong, brave, fearless, intelligent, benevolent, concerned and good hearted. One will not be arrogant.

One will gain the help of strong people. One might be interested in poetry. One will excel at writing and editing.

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One will attain fame. One will attain success, respect and fame in one's entire life. The native might be a high official of the village, city or an association or may be a minister or the chief of an army. One will benefit from holy dip in the Ganges. The native will have few male children.

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One will destroy one's enemies. One will be migratory and will excel in business.

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One will succeed in court matters. The native will suffer great hardships in one's early life and then attain progress. One may have sexual relations with the best, most youthful, most beautiful and most attractive person.

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One's good fortune will start from the 21st year and one may progress fully in the 36th year. One may attain public honor in the 42nd year. The native will succeed if employed in the police department, railways, banks, or insurance department. Inauspicious Results : The native is lazy, unenthusiastic, pitiable, detached, energetic and very wicked.

One may be an irregular worker and may be thrifty. One may perform wicked lowly and sinful deeds and have a bad character, bad habits, and may be friendly with wicked people. The native may be skilled at cheating and may be lacking in honor and culture. One may be quarrelsome by nature and enthusiastic about fighting in wars.

One may have a false sense of a pride and may worry a lot. People may not trust this person. One may spend money on drugs.